Van de Velde, Mark (2013). The Bantu connective construction. In: Carlier, Anne & Jean-Christophe Verstraete (eds.) “The Genitive.” [Case and Grammatical Relations across Languages], 217-252. Amsterdam: John Benjamins.


The Bantu equivalent of a genitive construction, a construction in which a nominal constituent modifies another one, is part of a family of constructions commonly called the connective construction. This paper analyses the family of Bantu connective constructions from a perspective inspired by canonical typology. I first define a canonical type and subsequently discuss departures from this type along five dimensions. The resulting picture shows a functional y extremely versatile construction type in a grammatical space that lacks clear-cut boundaries between genitives, adjectives and relative clauses. Connective constructions are a frequent source of lexicalisation, and of grammaticalisation patterns that often lead to agreement in unusual places.


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24 September 2013